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1.  Why should I select AMS Networks for my IT needs?
All of our engineers are certified IT professionals in the field of their expertise.  We make sure that all of our clients receive utmost and professional support and this is the reason why clients return to us again and again for our services.  We offer recurring monthly contracts at a discounted rate to our customers along with service level agreements and around the clock support.  

2.  I need to setup my network but not sure where to start.  Can you help?
We provide our clients with several different solutions and provide our recommendations based on the environment, equipment and budget.  We not only build the network from ground up, but troubleshoot and maintain your network as well.  We also provide recommendations on the type of hardware and software that will satisfy your requirements.

3.  What guarantee, if any, will you provide for your services?

Given the requirements set fourth in the contract, we make every effort to make sure that those requirements are met and that our clients are fully satisfied.  Our previous clients speak on our behalf to testify this.  

4.  What is the best way to contact AMS if I need assistance with any IT related issues?
The best way to is to submit a ticket by visiting our support site in order to submit a IT helpdesk ticket
This will ensure that your ticket is routed to the proper engineer and will also come handy during invoicing as we keep all of our trouble tickets for over five years.

5.  How quickly will you resolve my IT problem?
It depends on the IT issue that you are having.  However, we get back to our customers within two hours after they have submitted the ticket or contacted AMS for an issue.  We not only provide on-site support but also remote support to help resolve any issue that you may have.

6.  I need to make sure that my network is secure from hackers and/or spammers, can you help?
AMS uses industry standards of best practices while building your IT infrastructure.  We not only provide our recommendations but use our expertise to remediate system vulnerabilities.  We can even go step further by running RETINA, DISA Gold Disk scans.  We also make sure that your IT systems are updated on regular bases to defend and mitigate vulnerabilities in your network environment.

7.  Where can I find the AMS Networks' Customer Service Agreement?
You can find the AMS Network's Customer Service Agreement by clicking here.