Do you have a small, medium or an enterprise sized environment and looking to get on premise support for all of your IT services?  AMS Networks can help!

With our award winning help desk support and certified technicians, we can be there every step of the way to maintain, monitor, support and troubleshoot your infrastructure so you can get back to what you do best – run and grow your business.

Are you still running your applications and software from an old, outdated server that receives no regular maintenance?  Security risks are number one danger to older technology.

The older your operating system or application, the longer the hackers have to find and exploit vulnerabilities. This is especially true when the manufacturer is no longer actively maintaining support. A recent study by security firm Cenzic, found the application layer continues to be a soft target for cyber attacks. Ninety-six percent of all applications tested in 2013 have one or more serious security vulnerabilities. The median number of vulnerabilities per app has elevated to 14 from last year’s count of 13. Dangers can lurk across the entire aging application platform. Your older versions of SQL Server are at risk. Perhaps you are still using an old FTP server that’s innocently sitting in the corner or you have some older network equipment and appliances. The bottom line is anything that listens on the network is a potential threat to the server, and therefore your business. If that software or firmware isn’t up to date, you’re at risk of a major security incident.

“Unmanaged computers are often at a greater risk of exposure to viruses and other malicious software. These viruses can use several vectors, or methods, of attack. One way that a virus can bypass corporate firewalls and other security measures is by infecting an unmanaged computer that is used to gain access to the corporate network.”


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