Having your Information technology services distributed to different vendors may be secure for some but it can sure cause headaches when problems arise. Who do you hold accountable for down IT services? Do your providers hold up to your service level agreements? What is the up-time for the services that you are getting from your […]

A new cyber attack named “wanna cry” caused havoc around the world where businesses lost revenue, productivity and some even lost their data in its entirety. This malicious code locked computer files and asked end-users to pay up ransom to unlock their files. This virus can easily spread from one computer to another residing on […]

In this connected world, we depend on Information Technology to be the source of business development, productivity and one that makes our business model stand out from other businesses. We then ask ourselves, how do we keep our software and devices intact when it comes to ever growing viruses, worms and trojan hoaxes on the […]