Office 365 vs. Exchange

IT support and infrastructure management can be very complex and requires different levels of oversight. In today’s agile world, organizations are looking into ways on how to increase productivity through highly available IT infrastructure, while reducing costs. One of the most critical applications for organizations currently is email and communication. We occasionally get asked by […]

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Technology is moving faster than ever. Computers, servers, workstations, laptops, routers and switches that used to cost tens of thousands now nearly don’t cost as much. At the same token, the operating systems that run on the hardware is getting sophisticated. Data now flows from many different sources and may also come with many security […]

As companies become highly dependent on technology and looking at avenues to drive operational costs down, bring your own devices (BYOD) is gaining steam and is at the forefront of topics at the table. Five plus years ago, the idea of BYOD just didn’t make sense. But in this age of technology and convenience no […]

Having your Information technology services distributed to different vendors may be secure for some but it can sure cause headaches when problems arise. Who do you hold accountable for down IT services? Do your providers hold up to your service level agreements? What is the up-time for the services that you are getting from your […]

A new cyber attack named “wanna cry” caused havoc around the world where businesses lost revenue, productivity and some even lost their data in its entirety. This malicious code locked computer files and asked end-users to pay up ransom to unlock their files. This virus can easily spread from one computer to another residing on […]

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