GSA Schedule Holders: Key Players in VA Tech
GSA Schedule Holders: Key Players in VA Tech Government Services Administration (GSA) Schedule holders play a critical role in supporting the technology needs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). These companies provide a wide range of technology products and services that are essential for the VA to fulfill its
Women-Led IT Strategies Reshape Virginiaʼs Landscape
Virginia is witnessing a transformation in its IT landscape, thanks to the increasing participation of women in leadership roles in the industry. Women-led IT strategies are reshaping the technological ecosystem of the state, bringing in fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to meet the ever-evolving digital demands of businesses and consumers.
8a Firms Lead Virginia into the Digital Age
From government agencies to small businesses, 8(a) firms are leading Virginia into the digital age with innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. These firms, which are certified as socially and economically disadvantaged businesses, are making significant strides in helping organizations across the state embrace digital transformation and stay competitive in today’s
Cyber Security Innovations from DBE Certified Experts
In today’s fast-paced digital world, cyber security has become an increasingly important concern for businesses and individuals alike. With the rise of cyber attacks and data breaches, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve and implement cutting-edge security measures to protect sensitive information. One way to ensure the
GSA Schedule: Streamlining VAʼs IT Services
The General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule is a contract vehicle that allows federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), to purchase goods and services from pre-approved vendors at pre-negotiated prices. This streamlined procurement process helps the VA efficiently acquire the IT services and solutions it needs to support