IT Support Virginia – Office 365: 5 Ways to Increase the Productivity

IT Support Virginia – Office 365: 5 Ways to Increase the Productivity

Office 365 is an excellent tool for companies in Virginia and elsewhere leveraging IT to increase productivity of employees. This support tool gives the team an array of applications that allow them to have real-time collaborations regardless of their location in the world. The following reasons make Office 365 a must-have IT Support Virginia and elsewhere. Many companies clout this product as an “IT Support” tool because not only does it increase reliability but also availability.

Co-operation between team members

Even without being in the same room or location, employees are able to communicate and make plans easily with the help of Office 365 tools.

Shared calendars and task lists are useful in project planning. When multiple users wish to connect with each other, an excellent feature of Office 365, the SharePoint co-authoring, will always be at their disposal to allow them to edit and view changes concurrently on any single document.

There is a lot of support for team flexibility as documents are saved on a cloud platform that is easily accessible by a wide variety of devices.

Video conferencing means less traveling

Meetings are important as they offer avenues to share ideas and strategize. Traveling across the world to have one of these is costly and unnecessary. Office 365 tools enable employees to video call into meetings wherever they are. This truly lowers the costs associated with attending meetings across the world every now and then.


Employees have access to a variety of documents across a number of devices using this Office 365. It allows them to work remotely, take part in conferences and check their emails.

Microsoft apps can be downloaded onto multiple devices instead of only being available on one computer hence, for companies looking for IT Support Virginia, this is a must have!

Surplus storage space

It is accurate to say that there is more than enough storage space on Office 365. A single user is given personal file storage of up to 1 terabyte alongside mailbox storage of 50 GB. To top it all off, OneDrive enables them to have uninterrupted access to their projects, files, and emails whenever they wish.

All year round, the data is encrypted and secured using Microsoft’s own servers to keep all threats at bay. In fact, there is no need for a server to be installed at the business premises.

Easy updating of versions

Getting newer versions of Office 365 is as easy as downloading them once they are available. There is no additional cost involved in updating to latest versions.

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