AMS Networks is now on GSA MAS Schedule

AMS Networks is now on GSA MAS Schedule

AMS networks has successfully been listed on the GSA MAS Schedule. Federal contracts, such as the GSA Multiple Award Schedule, offer a plethora of opportunities for businesses and organizations to expand their public sector sales presence. But in order to reap the benefits of selling in the government landscape, companies must first understand the fundamentals of government contracting.

We’ll break down the GSA Multiple Award Schedule in this article, emphasize the benefits, and explain how to get on the GSA Schedule.

What is the GSA MAS Schedule?

GSA Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) are long-term government-wide, unbounded delivery, unbounded quantity (IDIQ) contracts that supply commercial items and services at volume discount pricing to federal, state, and local government buyers. The GSA Multiple Award Schedules Program is used by businesses and organizations interested in selling products and services to government agencies through the General Services Administration (GSA).

Each GSA MAS contract is issued for a five-year initial period, with three further five-year option periods, for a total of 20-year contract life. The GSA Schedule program can be seen as a long-term relationship with federal agencies, with contracts lasting up to 20 years.

Both government buyers and contractors will benefit from GSA Schedules. The advantages of being on the GSA Schedule are numerous for contractors.

Benefits for AMS Networks for being in the GSA MAS Schedule

Both contractors and government buyers want to offer and buy products and services in the most efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective way possible. All of this is accomplished through the GSA Multiple Award Schedule.

Setting pre-negotiated ceiling pricing for each product and service for the duration of the contract is one way GSA employs. Prices have previously been determined as fair and reasonable by government criteria with pre-negotiated limit rates.

This makes it easier to get government contracts because agencies are no longer needed to determine whether their pricing is competitive in the marketplace. AMS networks is also listed in GSA MAS, and we follow the government-mandated pricing for our services.

This is also a good tool for scouting competitors and keeping up with offerors in our specialized market, IT management and services. A GSA Schedule, meanwhile, is a valuable asset to promote on your company’s website and marketing materials. Notifying potential purchasers that your business is on the GSA Schedule can provide you with an advantage over the non-GSA competition.

Another benefit of being a GSA Schedule holder is having access to GSA sites that are not available to other businesses. GSA eBuy, for example, is a website that is solely accessible to contract holders and agency buyers. Agencies use this purchasing tool to request information and acquire quotations from GSA Schedule holders.

Since AMS networks is on GSA MAS Schedule, we can sell our services on GSA eBay. And buyers can search for our service and buy from us through GSA eBay, which our competitors don’t have the access to.

We also get benefits like:

  • Increased chances of reaching federal buyers.
  • Increased socio economic set-aside chances.
  • If all options are exercised, a 20-year contract is possible.

We have fantastic marketing tools as we have a GSA Schedule. This is GSA’s “Amazon,” allowing contractors to upload products, photographs, and descriptions, as well as employ key search words and important selling factors to improve search results.

A GSA Schedule is also an excellent tool to promote on our company’s website and marketing materials. We notify potential purchasers that our business is on the GSA Schedule and can provide you with an advantage over the non-GSA competition. As a client, you will get advantages for buying services from us. Contact us today to learn how we can assist your agency/organization with purchasing our services through the GSA schedule.


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